Kelsea Ballerini’s Boyfriend: Everything About Her Chase Stokes Romance & Marriage With Morgan Evans

Kelsea Ballerini confirmed her new romance with Chase Stokes, in an interview this month. Find out more about the hunk and her previous love life here.

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Kelsea Ballerini, Chase Stokes
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  • Kelsea Ballerini is best known as a country singer.
  • She recently confirmed she’s dating Chase Stokes.
  • She was formally married to Morgan Evans.
  • Kelsea recently opened up about how she and Chase met and the struggles with her divorce from Morgan, in an interview.

Kelsea Ballerini, 29, is glowing in the happiness of her new romance with Chase Stokes. The singer recently revealed she’s dating the hunk in an episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, and even gave details about how they met. She also opened up about her divorce from her former husband Morgan Evans, and talked about the struggles she’s had to go through.

Find out more about Chase and his romance with Kelsea as well as Kelsea’s marriage to Morgan below.

Chase Stokes

Kelsea Ballerini, Chase Stokes
Kelsea and Chase first connected in Dec. 2022. (David Fisher/Shutterstock / MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

Kelsea confirmed that she was in a new romance with Chase on the Call Her Daddy podcast, which aired on Feb. 22. When asked if she was single, she answered, “Nope! I’m just vibing,” before getting into more details about her connection to Chase. “It’s all really new to me,” she said about the romance. “I’m tiptoeing, but I’m happy. It’s been a really beautiful reawakening.”

“I slid into his DMs,” she proudly added, referring to how they met. “I was just like…I’m not going to get on the apps. And he shoots [Outer Banks] in Charleston and my manager lives there. He put the bug in my ear. He’s like, ‘You know who’s really cute when you’re ready…’ and I’m like, ‘You’re so right!’ I’ve never seen the show but I knew of him. I followed him, he followed me and I swan dove right in.”

“His handle is @HiChaseStokes, so I said, ‘Hi, Chase Stokes,’” she laughed. She went on to confirm that they first started talking in Dec. 2022 and said, they’re “just having fun.”

Chase is best known as an actor and has appeared in various features, including the Netflix series, Outer Banks, since 2020. After he was born in Annapolis, MD, he moved to Georgia and Florida, where he grew up as a teen. He went on to attend Valencia College, University of Central Florida, and Seminole State College, and originally wanted to be an ice hockey player before he dived into acting in 2014.

Since starting their romance, Kelsea and Chase have showed off glimpses of their new love story on Instagram. One photo showed them cozying up to each other at a football game and a video showed a peek of Chase laying on a bed as he hung out with Kelsea.

Morgan Evans

Kelsea Ballerini, Morgan Evans
Kelsea and Morgan were married from 2017 until 2022. (Derek Storm/Everett Collection)

Before Kelsea got romantically involved with Chase, she was married to singer Morgan for almost five years from 2017 until 2022. They met while co-hosting Australia’s Country Music Channel Awards in Morgan’s homeland in March of 2016. He proposed that Christmas, and they were married a year later in Mexico on Dec. 2, 2017. They often shared memorable moments of their life together on social media and seemed to be blissfully in love.

By Aug. 2022, they had announced their split. “This is now public record so I wanted you to hear from me directly that I am going through a divorce,” Kelsea wrote on Instagram at the time. “This deeply difficult decision is the result of a journey of love, growth and effort that has ultimately come to an end.” Their divorce was three months later, in Nov.

During her Feb. 2023 interview with the Call Her Daddy podcast, Kelsea spoke out about her divorce from Morgan and made headlines with some comments. “I didn’t want to have a wedding. I swore I would never get married,” she said on the show. “I think he loved me more at 23. And I love me more at 29.”

She also confirmed the divorce got “nasty,” and said she didn’t know the kind of “character” Morgan was at the time their marriage ended. “As he’s putting out a song about being blindsided, he’s taking half the house that he didn’t pay for,” she said. “How was I married to ​this person for this long and had no idea that that bit of character was tucked within that human being?”

It didn’t take long for Morgan to respond to her thoughts with his own Instagram post. He called her comments “sad” and not “reality”, and asked people to not be “mean” to either of them. He also said he hopes she can “heal.”

“It’s really sad for me to see this person, who I spent so much of my life with, and loved with all my heart, saying things that aren’t reality and that leave out what really happened,” Morgan wrote in his post. “She knows I’m not the type of guy to speak on those things publicly.”

“If this is what she needs to heal, I hope it helps,” he added. “All I ask is if that you’re on my pages, please don’t be mean. Don’t be mean to Kelsea, don’t be mean to each other. Life’s too short.”

Kelsea unfollowed Morgan on Instagram around Feb. 27, after confirming her romance with Chase. As of Feb. 28, he was still following her.

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